My business partner, coauthor, mentor, and dear friend Larry Pinci died on June 30 after a bout with kidney cancer, three days shy of his 51st birthday. Larry and I wrote two books together: The Referral Code and Sell the Feeling.

Larry changed my life, as he changed the lives of many others. He had a burning desire to help people and make a difference in their business and life. And he certainly did so. Larry inspired me to change careers and helped ignite my passion for coaching people and companies.

I first met Larry at a Christmas party in 1998. At that time, I was looking to make some kind of a career change, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. When I found out he was a coach, I hired him to help me figure out my next move.

When we met for coaching, he asked me penetrating questions that got to the heart of what mattered most to me in my career. I was impressed and intrigued by his coaching method. Within a short time, I decided to become a business coach and I asked Larry to mentor me. He taught me a lot and helped me launch my coaching career. Thus began a connection between us that lasted over 12 years.

Larry had a gift for supporting people in achieving their goals and dreams. He was an extraordinary coach and seminar leader. He had a deep understanding of what drives people and what holds them back. He truly wanted to bring out the best in you and have you succeed. Sometimes believed in you more than you believed in yourself. He inspired you to think bigger and take action.

A few years after I became a coach, Larry and I decided to partner together as coaches, sales trainers, and coauthors. He was an infinitely gushing fountain of ideas and concepts of ways to help people and improve their business outcomes. He came up with the basic concepts that we eventually turned into our two published books, Sell the Feeling and The Referral Code. Writing these books with Larry provided some of the most creative, collaborative, and fun experiences of my life. We’ve heard from hundreds of people who were helped and inspired by our books and we continue to get emails with glowing feedback and success stories.

One of the personality traits that I admired in Larry was his absolute boldness. He wouldn’t shrink back from anything or anyone. When necessary, he could be in your face and hold your feet to the fire. He could also be empathic, sensitive, and compassionate.

He was a gifted, passionate, inspirational speaker and trainer. He and could speak to groups of hundreds or thousands of people without fear, and could mesmerize a room. Unlike a lot of people in our industry who are constantly puffing themselves up, when Larry spoke, it was never about him. It was about you and unlocking your potential.

Larry has left a big legacy. Through his coaching, training, speaking, seminars, books, he touched thousands of people, businesses, and companies. His work—his messages and teachings go way beyond business. They have influenced, and continue to influence, people’s efforts, communication, relationships, and lives. We’ll never know the full extent of his influence—who may have picked up an idea from him and ran with it, who got the courage to do something he or she wouldn’t have otherwise done, or whose business or life was somehow changed by his coaching, speaking, or by one of our books.

He certainly changed my life, and his ideas, prodding, encouragement, mentoring, wisdom, and love will have a lifelong impact on me.

Thank you Larry for all your help, partnership, and inspiration. I’ll miss you, ‘Mate.’



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