Training and Coaching

We offer onsite training and coaching programs, custom-tailored for your company and industry. Our sales and referral training programs have been called ‘the most eye-opening and effective’ business seminars on the market today. Within in 12 months of attending these seminars, our participants have seen their sales results improve up to 250%.

Mastering the Referral Code – In this intensive one-day workshop, your team will learn a proven system that they can use to build a referral-based business. It is based on the principles laid out in our book, The Referral Code. The seminar teaches participants how to tailor the Referral Code system for your business and goes into advanced techniques that are beyond the scope of the book.

Sell the Feeling I – In this intensive workshop you will learn and practice the steps necessary to get inside your prospects’ heads and create the feelings that lead them to do business with you. Regardless of your current experience or success, you will leave this training with a whole new power to influence your prospects, clients, and customers, and sell more effectively than you ever have.

Sell the Feeling II – This seminar builds on and goes beyond Sell the Feeling I. You team will learn the latest advances in the science of influence and suggestion.

Sell the Feeling III – This advanced workshop builds on Sell the Feeling I and II and shows you specific techniques to win more repeat business and create clients/customers for life.

Sell the Feeling Coaches Training – This training program teaches sales directors, managers, and assistant managers how to incorporate the Sell the Feeling system into their sales force and company culture. You will learn to identify the breakdowns and incorporate the needed enhancements in your team’s selling game. You will learn how to coach your team and individuals to increase their sales performance significantly.

Sell the Feeling Trainers Training – We will train your corporate trainers to teach Sell the Feeling and install the system into your company culture. This training includes licensing our proprietary training systems and materials.

Executive Coaching – We provide one-on-one master-level coaching for senior executives and entrepreneurs who want to take their sales and company to the next level.

Individual and Group Sales Coaching – We will create a customized coaching program to address your or your organization’s specific goals and challenges. In coaching, we focus on the strategies, actions, mindset, and discipline needed to create outstanding sales results. Our program combines practical skills with advanced selling skills, and addresses the “mental game” of staying consistently motivated and in action.