When searching for new sources of lead generation, have you neglected to look in your own backyard?

The subtitle of our book, The Referral Code is Unlock a Constant Stream of Business Through the Power of Your Relationships. That’s no hype.

When you learn how to play the “referral game” and put it into action, you will be amazed what can happen. You can literally create an infinite cascade of referral business.

Think of each of your potential referral sources (client/customers, your professional network, family, friends, memberships and associations, etc.) as an individual branch on a fruit tree. Every referral shoots out another sub-branch off its original branch. And many of the referrals will blossom into business—in other words, bear fruit.

As time goes on, the referrals you receive can turn into referral sources and shoot out more branches and bear more fruit, ad infinitum. Just like a fruit tree, your referral tree can bear enough fruit for you to eat the rest of your life.

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